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About us

Taj Mahal indian restaurant is located at Duitslandstraat 1A, 1363 BG Almere Poort. The specialties of the restaurant are curry, tandoori, biryani, fish and vegetarian dishes. Tajmahal is open six days a week. Many dedicated customers come from all over Almere. Many of them are from the vibrant world of sports, politics, journalism and entertainment and personality-watching is a major pastime for clients. The restaurant has an aromatic and seductive atmosphere that suits the best of Indian Mughlai cooking.

Taj Mahal Almere has about 72 seats. One can find a variety of specialties, including tandoori dishes, which are made in a special clay oven called tandoor. In this oven are also made breads, such as Indian white bread (nan) and brown bread (roti). Not only dishes are prepared in the clay oven, even on the grill are cooked delicious dishes, such as shrimp. On the map are many side dishes, including homemade mint sauce, manga a sweet and sour sauce with mango chutney. Conveniently on the map behind the various dishes peppers are that depict how spicy the dish is. However the customer wants a particular dish spicier or milder correct, then that’s no problem. “The customer can specify their own wishes with us. If the customer is happy, we are it. “